Uncompromising wine quality.
This conviction forms the foundation of our winery. Family is what gives our company its special character. Everyone contributes 110% of their strength.

3 GENERATIONS. 1 GOAL. Uncompromising wine quality.

Weingut Bastianshauser Hof - Familie Erbeldinger - Sebastian Senior
Sebastian Erbeldinger sen.
Weingut Bastianshauser Hof - Familie Erbeldinger - Winzermeister Ralf
Ralf Erbeldinger
Weingut Bastianshauser Hof - Familie Erbeldinger - Sebastian
Sebstian Erbeldinger jun.
Weingut Bastianshauser Hof - Familie Erbeldinger - Edelgard
Edelgard Erbeldinger
Weingut Bastianshauser Hof - Familie Erbeldinger - Ilke
Ilke Erbeldinger
Weingut Bastianshauser Hof - Familie Erbeldinger -Theresa
Theresa Erbeldinger


Sebastian Senior and Edelgard Erbeldinger set the course for our success. With a lot of willpower, dedication and expertise, they made our originally mixed business what it is today. Founded in 1935, they increasingly switched over to bottled wines over the years. As a result of the successes and the positive responses of our customers, we developed into a more dedicated winery over the years.

The two can look back on the past with pride: they experienced their highs and lows, challenging vintages and made difficult decisions together. But they had only one thing in mind: making great wine! We’re proud that we are still able to rely on Sebastian Senior’s 68 years of professional experience. With his grounded and highly admired honest character, he enjoys advising wine customers in our vinothek. Furthermore, he is still responsible for caring for the vineyards with his tireless efforts. Edelgard Erbeldinger is equally ingrained in the winery and, as our warm heart, she gives us stability and cohesion


Today, the winery is still a traditional family-run business that is characterized by its wide range and variety of excellent wines. We cultivate 20 hectares of vineyards, most of which are laid out around our property. Thanks to the dedication of each of our team members, their passion for wine and fun at work, we are able to defy all of the challenges a wine year brings.

Ralf and Ilke Erbeldinger have been running the winery in the third generation since 1990. As a master winemaker, Ralf Erbeldinger can usually be found in the wine cellar, always busy caring for, maintaining and storing our precious wines. One of his greatest qualities is his openness to new things, which also allows him to experiment with our wines. This results in great wines that would have remained hidden from us all without his spirit of discovery. During a visit to our vinothek, you will be personally advised by Ilke Erbeldinger and our team. She looks after our customers and will be happy to advise you on choosing the right wine. In addition to wine marketing, Ilke Erbeldinger organizes the various events at which we present our wines throughout the year.

Wine is definitely one of the many topics we can’t know everything about. But precisely that makes wine one of the most fascinating and multifaceted subjects you’ll find. There’s something new to discover and to learn every day. As a team, we can learn and benefit from each other. With three generations working together, different perceptions and ideas meet, and that is our capital! With Theresa and Sebastian Erbeldinger Junior, the next generation is in the starting blocks, ready to develop their own style together and to continue our family tradition

Weingut Bastianshauser Hof - Familie Erbeldinger - 3 Generationen